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MapleTime, Inc. - High Availability Hosting / Quality Dedicated Servers / Managed Servers

Why host your site on one server
when we can host it for you on six!

• Looking for reliable web hosting?

• Your site will be hosted on two web servers, two email servers,
    and two database servers
for high-availability!

• If one server is unavailable for any reason, the other takes
   over and your site stays up!

NEW: Security for every web site with INCLUDED secure certificates from Let's Encrypt.

For higher-end: dedicated servers, managed or unmanaged.

With our high performance web hosting you can expect:

• Reliable web hosting • Personalized service • The best customer service for web hosting at an affordable price
• Great fit for small businesses and non-profit organizations • 60 day money-back guarantee

Call us now at (914) 329-2397, start a chat, or select from the options below:

Some Of The Services We Offer:
We are the only company in the industry that offers you our
unique, state of the art technical solutions.

Q. What do you mean by 6 servers? How does this help my site stay up?
A. Read the frequently asked questions page for the answer...

MapleTime, Inc.
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