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corner FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the answers to our most common inquiries. If your question isn't answered here, feel free to Contact Us.

Q. Why choose MapleTime, Inc.?
A. MapleTime, Inc. now hosts our clients on 6 servers! (See next question for details.) This allows for a quality of service and high-availability unmatched by the average small web hosting company. We provide superior service and always respond to your needs quickly. We maintain reliable up-to-date technology to ensure your site always runs smoothly and securely, all for a great competitive price.

Q. What do you mean by 6 servers? How does this help my site stay up?
A. Each web site's web files are put up on two web servers. Emails which come in on your domain are available on two email servers. And any databases you may have with us are always replicated to a backup database server. If the primary server fails for any reason (and computers crash occasionally, as we are sure you know), the backup server takes over within seconds, keeping your site, email, and databases up and running.

Q. So my site will be on multiple servers. Does that mean you provide a failover, or do you load balance the sites?
A. Actually, we do both! A Failover process is when one server in a group fails, the requests are taken by another available server, so the public does not notice the failure. Load Balancing is when both servers are up, the load is shared between them, so the web sites load faster! Having both ensures speed AND reliability!

Q. How do I get my company on the web?
A. Call MapleTime, Inc. or fill out our online SIGN UP form to get started today! MapleTime, Inc. can take care of everything for you; from registering your domain and designing and hosting your site, to building an e-storefront, MapleTime, Inc. has a business web solution that's right for you!

Q. What is a domain name, and how do I get one?
A. A domain name is a unique Internet name that you register and pay for through a domain registration company. You must have a domain name, and have that domain hosted, to have a web site on the Internet. There are several companies that you can use to register a domain, but you shouldn't pay more than about $20/year. You can register on your own, and then contact MapleTime, Inc. for hosting, or MapleTime, Inc. can secure a domain for you! It's that easy!

Q. What are sub-domains? Do I need them?
A. A sub-domain is an extension of a larger proprietary domain, already owned by someone who authorizes you to create that extension, e.g. The advantage of a sub-domain is that, as an extension, there is no registration required. But domains are so easy and affordable to register, many people choose to get their own original domains! A regular domain is your own personal domain name, like If this is the way you want to go, act fast! Domains are being registered at the rate of 10,000 every day on a first come, first served basis!

Q. I already have a domain name registered. Can I host my site with MapleTime, Inc.?
A. Absolutely! When you sign up for web hosting with MapleTime, Inc., we can handle the transfer of your domain to our servers so you don't have to!

Q. How long will it take to get my domain name set up?
A. Once your chosen domain name has been registered and approved, it will be active in as little as 1 day! Once your domain is active, it takes less than a day for all Internet providers to update their site listings and locations, and your domain is ready to use! If you decide to transfer your domain to MapleTime, Inc. for hosting, we can provide you a temporary IP address, which means you can access your domain even during registration delays!

Q. I already have a website. Can I switch to MapleTime, Inc. hosting service?
A. Yes! Once you have established a hosting agreement with MapleTime, Inc., we can help you upload your existing site to our server using a process called FTP. Give us a call, and one of our experts can assist you!

Q. How do I get my files to my web site?
A. We provide convenient access to your site's disk space 24 hours per day. You can transfer your files to our server using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or SSH (Secure version of Telnet). If you need FTP software, WS_FTP is available for download at the Tucows Software Library.

Q. What are the extra fees? Are there any hidden costs or long-term contracts?
A. All our hosting policies and guidelines are accessible and straightforward. There are no tricks, no contracts, and no hidden costs! Our web hosting price chart details our fees, and we don't charge any setup-fees!

Q. Can I sell my products on the web?
A. E-commerce consultants at MapleTime, Inc. can help you design an e-commerce program that's right for you. We help our customers establish online catalogs, shopping cart features, and secure credit card transactions through MapleTime, Inc.'s Merchant Accounts. Whatever your business needs, we can help find a solution.

Q. What does "unlimited hits" mean?
A. Many hosting companies will advertise "unlimited hits" as a marketing tactic to win you business. The "hits" they are referring to are the number of times each and every file at a particular domain is accessed by viewers. If you have 25 image files on a page, each time a viewer visits that page, your server will count up 26 hits (25 + 1 for the page file) for summoning the files for transfer on the viewer's computer. When the same viewer visits the site again, the server adds up more hits, even though the files may not actually be transferred again.

Q. What is transfer bandwidth?
A. Transfer bandwidth is different from "hits" (described above). Bandwidth is the amount of data actually transferred from your domain server to the visitor's browser, rather than the amount of times it is requested. Usually data moves one time from the resident server to the viewer's browser and then is stored in a cache directory on the viewer's computer. Regardless of how many times the viewer returns to that same page, the transfer only occurs again if the viewer's cache has been emptied.

Q. Do you provide Technical Support for web site set-up?
A. Yes! MapleTime, Inc. provides web design services, as well as support when uploading a site to our servers. We respond to all support related e-mails within a few hours, and our toll-free support hotline is listed below.

Q. Ok, you provide credit card processing. Where do I sign up?
A. Give us a call at the number below.

Q. Do you provide credit cards also?
A. No, just the merchant acceptance side of things.

Q. What is Railgun?
A. Railgun is a WAN optimization technology that we offer our hosting customers in partnership with a company called CloudFlare. CloudFlare Railgun technology greatly speeds up the delivery of non-cached pages. While CloudFlare automatically caches 65% of the resources needed to make up a page, 35% can't be cached because the resources are dynamically generated or marked as 'do not cache'. That 35% is often the initial HTML of the page that must be downloaded first. CloudFlare Railgun speeds this remaining 35%.

Q. What are the benefits of Railgun?
A. Websites running Railgun show a 143% improvement in HTML load times and a 90% decrease in Time To First Byte (TTFB) responses.

Q. How does Railgun work?
A. Railgun opens a secure, tunneled connection between the CloudFlare network and your host.s origin server where the connection only sends differences from the last request. This is similar to how video encoding works. The markup of websites does not change that frequently from one request to the next. Instead of transferring the entire request between CloudFlare and the origin server, Railgun will transfer only the changes in markup from one request to the next. This cuts down on bandwidth, transfer time, and overall page load times. Railgun caches these differences in memory to make page processing as fast as possible.

Q. What kind of sites can use Railgun?
A. Any website can benefit from the performance improvements Railgun offers, especially dynamic sites.

Q. What much does Railgun cost?
A. We have partnered with CloudFlare to make Railgun both easy and affordable. If you purchase Railgun directly through CloudFlare, it costs $200/month. However, we have partnered with CloudFlare and are offering Railgun to our customers at no extra cost.

Q. How do I enable Railgun on my site?
A. We automatically enable Railgun on all sites for which CloudFlare is on.

Q. I am not a CloudFlare customer, can I still use Railgun?
A. No. You need to be a CloudFlare customer in order to use Railgun. Fortunately, the basic CloudFlare service is free, and automatically enabled for all new customers.

Q. Remind me, what is CloudFlare?
A. CloudFlare is a third party service that we offer to our hosting customers. CloudFlare provides performance, security and availability to web properties. CloudFlare runs a globally distributed network where they automatically cache static content, filter malicious traffic and help offload big spikes in traffic. On average, a site loads twice as fast, uses 65% fewer server resources and has an additional layer of security.

Q. How do I contact MapleTime, Inc.?
A. We would love to hear from you! Following are our mailing address and our most commonly used e-mail addresses.

MapleTime, Inc.
2722 West Fargo Ave
Chicago, IL 60645
914-329-2397 (Support / Sales)

Q. How do I get back to the top of this page?????
A. Just click here, and smile!

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Q. What do you mean by 6 servers? How does this help my site stay up?
A. Read the frequently asked questions page for the answer...

MapleTime, Inc.
2722 West Fargo
Chicago, IL 60645
(914) 329-2397 Sales / Support
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