Managed Servers

Managed  Servers

Managed Servers | Private/Public Cloud Solutions

Most servers online in 4 hours or less!

Managed, at an Not-Managed Price! – Dedicated Servers, Physical or Cloud

MapleTime, Inc. provides management of Linux servers. Either dedicated servers you have rented from us, or your own servers which you need managed. We can work hourly on-demand or via monthly prepaid contract at a discounted rate, or you can just use our basic management included with all servers. Ask for details!

Want us to setup a private cloud for you? Your own set of servers with no single point of failure? We have experience with various Disaster Recovery (DR) configurations for your peace of mind.

UnManaged, mostly. – Dedicated Servers, Physical or Cloud

Unmanaged you say? If you really just want to rent server(s) from us and do it yourself, that is of course your decision. We have great pricing on powerful servers, and you can always come back to us later and ask us to help. Monitoring and our Android app for remote reboot are still included with all servers.

Our Servers

While we rent single physical or cloud servers and manage them for as little as $22/month, our core cloud offerings are our unique server pairs. We rent and manage globally-separated pairs of web/mail/database servers starting as low as $43/month. We can provision master-master replication database server pairs or clusters, multiple accept-store-forward email server pairs, or your choice of specialty situation. Our preferred operating system is CentOS, though others such as Fedora, RedHat, or Debian are also available upon request.

Your Servers

Unlike most server management companies who charge specifically per managed server, we work out our packages based on what we are asked to manage and the needs of the client. Packages start as low as $50/month, or can be hourly on-demand.


We specialize in last-minute emergencies, so give us a call!


Physical Servers vs Cloud Servers

We rent and manage both physical and cloud server options. What’s the difference? Cloud servers give more versatility, such as the ability to quickly add disk space/memory with very little downtime, as well as snapshots as an additional backup solution. Also, if your needs on a per-server-basis are small, the minimum price is less per machine. You could, for example, get a group of 10 very small servers for the price of one of the smallest physical servers. However, physical servers will often allow much more disk space and bandwidth to be included in the base price. Still confused? We can help you decide.

Our typical recommended physical server comes with a minimum Quad-Core processor, 16GB of RAM, 2TB SATA Disk Space (or upgrade to SSD), and a 100Mbps connection to the internet, for a price which will likely surprise you! You can of course move up or down from there, and multiple servers are at a discount. You can go month-to-month, or get discounts for three, six, and twelve month pre-purchases.


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Monitoring of your Servers

All servers we provide are monitored from our data centers and status available in our control panel or via Android app. You can view status and remote-reboot your servers as necessary right from your phone! We can also provide custom monitoring solutions of your choice for monitoring of outside servers.

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